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Coco - T-shirt

Coco - T-shirt

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Size guide

Tip: Take one size smaller than your usual size.

Sweatshirt : S (50.8cm-68.6cm) / M (55.9cm-71.1cm) / L (61cm-73.7cm) / XL (66cm-76.2cm) / XXL (71.1cm- 78.7cm)

Hooded sweatshirt : S (50cm-66cm) / M (56cm-69cm) / L (61cm-71cm) / XL (66cm-74cm) / XXL (71cm-76cm)

T-shirt : S (45cm-71cm) / M (50cm-73cm) / L (55cm-76cm) / XL (60cm-78cm) / 2XL (66cm-81cm)

KIDS T-shirt : 3/4 (35cm-46cm) - 5/6 (38cm-48cm) - 7/8 (41cm-52cm) - 9/11 (44cm-56cm) - 12/13 (47m-60cm).

100% Cotton Disney T-shirt: A Splash of Magic in Your Wardrobe 🌈

Dive headfirst into an ocean of magic with our Disney T-shirt, specially designed for fans of all eras. Whether you're the type to sing under the sea or explore infinite space, this T-shirt is your ticket to an everyday adventure in complete comfort.

Bursts of Joy:

• Dream Cast 🎭: From the rebellious Merida to the wily Aladdin, our T-shirts feature a cast of beloved characters who are ready to jump off the screen and join your escapades. Choose your favorite co-adventurer or collect them all for a wardrobe full of fun.

• Magical Wink on the Sleeve ✨: Find a little hidden treasure on the sleeve - a secret homage to the universe where your cotton companion comes from. It's like a secret shared between you and your T-shirt, shh!

• Soft as a Cloud ☁️: Made from 100% cotton, each T-shirt is as soft as the hug of an old friend. Perfect for Disney movie marathons, game night, or an expedition to the nearest park.

• For All Explorers 🚀: With its unisex cut, this T-shirt is the faithful companion of all adventurers, young and old. It is perfect for all quests, whether epic or everyday.

• Zero Worry 🔄: Machine washable, it survives adventures and washes without losing its superb appearance. Your new teammate stays as vibrant and ready for action as you, wash after wash.

Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL - our size chart is here to help you find your perfect match.

Embark on the Adventure 🚢: Our Disney T-shirt is not just a piece of clothing, it's your traveling companion for every day. Add a dose of fun to your routine and let each day be an opportunity to smile and dream.

Grab yours now and let the magic happen! 🎉


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