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Baby Yoda - Mousepad

Baby Yoda - Mousepad

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Disney & Co Magic Mouse Pad 🌟

Immerse yourself in the enchanted world of Disney with our Mouse Pad. This fabric rug is perfect for Disney fans, combining magic and functionality with vibrant illustrations of your favorite Disney characters.

Features :

• Enchanted Design ✨: Adorned with bright illustrations of your favorite Disney heroes, this piece transports you to magical worlds with every glance.

• Premium Fabric Surface 🖱️: Offers smooth and precise gliding, ideal for gaming, drawing or web browsing.

• Stabilizing Base 🛑: Although the mat is mainly made of fabric, it incorporates a non-slip base which ensures its stability, regardless of the action.

• Durability and Ease of Cleaning 💪: Wear-resistant and easy to maintain, this carpet stays new for longer.

• Ideal Size 📏: With its dimensions of 24 x 20 cm, it offers enough space for your mouse while adding a magical touch to your work or gaming space.

Perfect for: Disney aficionados, gamers wanting to infuse their gaming setup with Disney spirit, or anyone wanting to bring a spark of magic to their desk.

Transform your workspace into a place where the magic of Disney is always at your fingertips with our Disney & Co. Fairy Edition Mouse Pad 🌈


The production time is 10 working days maximum

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